About Jolly Soles

There might be parents who can relate – your child brings home yet another box of fundraising chocolates.  Great, another job on the to do list!  So you just put your money in and start to eat your way through all these chocolates.

Well that was me!

After a frustrating month where I received various fundraisers from my three kids commitments, I thought this is crazy.  I’m about to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff we don’t need.  But I’m also the treasurer of my netball club, I realise how important fundraising is to clubs too.  It is vital to keep clubs running.

I thought there must be a better way!

Our aim at Jolly Soles is to sell a fun, quality, affordable sugar free product that we all use, while still returning great profits to the fundraising organisation.

We are unique!  By selling our socks in a carry box style, we are able to keep the unit price low to the end customer, while still providing excellent returns to the fundraiser.

And who doesn't wear socks?

We're a fundraiser for any age & any cause!

Orana Business services packing socks

This leads me to how we started working with Orana.

Jolly Soles was still a home-based business but was growing fast.  Our eight-ball table was no longer cutting it when packing orders.

As I scrolled through Facebook one day, I saw a post from a local father looking for work for his 18 year old Autistic son.  The son's only request - "he wanted to put things where they needed to go".  I said to my husband, I'd love to help this young guy out and I also need a hand getting these orders out the door.  It was a win-win!

That Facebook post never left my mind and we started exploring disability employment options, which eventually led us to Orana.

It has truly been one of the most wonderful experiences.  We've learnt a lot, formed some beautiful friendships.  Everyone wants to feel a sense of, purpose, belonging and achieving no matter what your capabilities are.  It has not only allowed us to grow but we've kept the packing of our orders in our local area.