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"I cannot speak highly enough of Jolly Soles.

Great fundraising idea and 

really fantastic product.

Service is second to none also." 

Anna, Braeside Primary School

Possibly the Best School Fundraising Ideas in Australia

Meet the fundraising idea your school community will fall in love with

quicker than you can say "Canteen's open!"

Jolly Soles is the tried and tested alternative to traditional fundraisers.

The ones that simply don't sell because they're too....

  • Boring

  • Overdone

  • Expensive

  • Unhealthy

School fundraising idea Australia

Jolly Soles works because it's different

It makes fundraising an easy-peasy affair for everyone:

  • The Whole Family

  • Those who organise it
  • The wider school community

The Best School fundraising idea Australia
Australia School Fundraising Ideas

     South Nowra ELC for Celebrate T21.

"Kicked off our first sale this morning and OMG the kids loved them!  Nearly sold half our order in less than half an hour.  We just love the socks.  The quality, the range and the sizes are fantastic."

  Kelly, Northam Public School.

Jolly Soles -The Game Changing way to Fundraise!

Sell something everyone ACTUALLY needs

Nobody needs another freddo frog.  But everyone can do with a funky pair of socks.  Prepare to sell out quickly!

Set prices your team and community can afford

With Jolly Soles, you're in control.  Decide how much you need to raise and how much your community can afford.

Start selling today. Pay in 28 days!

We value your cash flow here.  That's why we offer 28 day payment terms, so you're never out of pocket.

Not sure how many to order?  No worries!

Return up to 25% of your order at the end of your fundraiser.  That's if there's any left!

Best School Fundraising Ideas for Australia

Who doesn't love a funky pair of socks (or 2)?

Best Ideas for school fundraising Australia

Especially when the guaranteed sock frenzy will raise funds for a new playground or the Year 6 Formal.

Fundraising that would otherwise have taken weeks of dreaded door knocking and pleading.

Here are a few ideas to make your sock frenzy a fun affair and a sell out success for everyone:

Organise a Funky Sock Day

So the kids, students and parents can show off their favourite pair

Sell your Jolly Soles socks via your school's online system

So they raise maximum profit for minimum effort

Use the practical grab'n'go fundraising boxes

So you can allocate 1 box per family and spread the love knowing your funky socks can travel


Ready to get started with this revolutionary fundraising idea for your school?

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   Trident High School.