You have just tracked down the most creative and FUNNEST idea to fundraise as an individual.

"This is by far the best fundraiser 

I have ever come across.

  Jolly Soles sell so well ,

it is an effortless fundraiser." 

Madeline, Individual Charity Trek

The creative fundraising idea for individuals

Lets bring your dreams to life. Whatever they might be.

Get a step closer with every pair of socks you sell

All while having fun!

Jolly Soles is the creative fundraising idea for individuals with BIG ambitions.

Individuals just like you.

People who realise that reaching your BIG goals with traditional fundraisers that are ....

  • Boring

  • Overdone

  • Expensive

  • Unhealthy

.....can be hard work or sheer impossible.

A creative fundraising idea for individuals

Jolly Soles works because it's tried and tested

It makes fundraising easy-peasy no matter what you've set your mind on:

  • Entering a sports event interstate

  • Helping out a friend in need
  • Volunteering overseas

  • Simply doing good

The creative fundraising idea for individuals
A creative fundraising idea for individuals

     Love Evie Rae - Individual fundraiser raising funds for cuddle cots

"A fantastic fundraiser, great Australian company and the staff are amazing to deal with.  So helpful!!!!  So easy and we've made heaps of money and the people that bought them..... loved them!!!"

  Simone, Shitbox Rally entrant

Jolly Soles -The creative way to fundraise for individuals

Sell something everyone ACTUALLY needs

Nobody needs another freddo frog.  But everyone can do with a funky pair of socks.  Prepare to sell out quickly!

Set your prices and reach your goals faster.

With Jolly Soles, you're in control.  Decide how much you want to raise and how quickly you want to get there.

Test the waters before going all-in

We want to make fundraising low risk for everyone.  That's why you can start fundraising with as little as 1 box.  Stock up gradually as you sell out.

Start selling today. Pay later!

We value your cash flow.  That's why we've partnered with Afterpay so you can get started right away.

The most creative fundraising idea for individuals

Who doesn't love a funky pair of socks (or 2)?

The creative idea for individuals

Especially when the guaranteed sock frenzy will make your dreams a reality.

Fundraising that could be a long shot with other yawn-worthy fundraising concepts.

Turning this creative fundraising idea for your individual cause into a successful sock frenzy can look something like this:

Sell your socks at your workplace

So your co-workers can support your ambitions

Sell your socks within your circle of friends

So those close to you feel personally invested in your success

Use our attention-grabbing fundraising boxes

So you can take away your Jolly Soles or neatly display them for maximum impact.


Ready to organise your very own sock frenzy so you can bring your dreams to life?

The creative and profitable fundraiser for individuals

   Cooper the Trooper fundraiser