"The socks have been a real hit. 
Everyone is raving!  
Our fundraiser has so far been 
a great success!"

BJ Blue Foundation

How to use Jolly Soles for your fundraising next campaign

We've got three great options available when it comes to using our products and making sure your group gets the best results.

Jolly Soles Best Fundraising Products


These are our core product and our most profitable fundraiser.  With such bright and funky socks, they are sight for the eyes and get loads of attention when people can see them and feel the great quality. Download our info guide

  • Easy takeaway carry boxes are portable and perfect for neat display

  • Set them up in your workplace or market stall

  • Give and go boxes are perfect to hand out to your members to then sell among their own network

  • Handy for a funky sock day at your school, day care or kindergarten

Jolly Soles Best Fundraising Products


We understand that the fundraising boxes may not suit everyone's needs. Our order form is continually updated with the products and sizes available at the time you begin your fundraiser, with up to 20 different designs included.Download our info sheet

  • We provide you with an order form you can edit

  • Simply tally up your orders and send back to us after fundraiser is complete

  • We pack and send the socks out to you to distribute to your members

  • A low risk fundraising option

Jolly Soles Best Fundraising Products


A covid friendly, no cash option for fundraising. This is a fantastic passive fundraiser, low risk  that is very easy to set up. When promoted well can earn fantastic results.

  • Use our individual sock shop as your fundraising platform. Set your own price and distribute a code to all of your members. Every sale using that code, you receive the profits. Once the fundraiser is finished, we pack and send you the socks for distribution. You invoice us for the profits received. Download our info sheet

  • Use your school or groups own purchasing app or website to sell our socks. Send us a report when your fundraiser is complete and we will pack the socks and send out to you for distribution.





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