"The socks have been a real hit... everyone is raving... our fundraiser has so far been a great success!"

BJ Blue Foundation

Do you have a dream or a cause that is close to your heart?

Whether it’s helping out a friend in need, funding an overseas volunteer trip, or just raising money for an interstate sports carnival, Jolly Soles is an affordable, practical, and healthy option for individual fundraisers.  

  • NO FUSS - Our mixed socks boxes are the most popular and easiest to sell. At $47 per box, each easy-to-carry box includes 14 pairs, mixed and matched in styles and sizes to suit your crowd. That means you can sell to anyone, anywhere! No minimum order required and free postage for orders of 15 boxes and over.

  • SUGAR-FREE - We all need socks, don’t we? Sell a fun and affordable product—that people actually need—while still earning great profits for your cause.

  • STAND OUT - Did someone say silly socks for Father’s Day? Maybe some animal print socks for animal lovers? Did you know rowers and dancers love their crazy socks? Whatever the occasion, you’ll be sure to stand out from the fundraising crowd with our always practical, fresh, and funky designs.

  • KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF - There's no minimum orders which is perfect for individuals as they can test their market first without outlaying a lot of cash.

  • SMARTY PANTS - Want to make a decent profit? Jolly Soles gives you flexibility to set your own prices and choose how much you want each pair to sell for. 

  • DON'T SWEAT IT - Worried you might get stuck with unsold boxes? We’re so confident that you’ll have no trouble selling our socks that we have an amazing returns policy. You can return up to 25% of your order at the end of your fundraiser to maximize your profits! Conditions Apply.


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